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"Our family is new to the world of homeschooling and we have only been able to do it with the support of Melissa our teacher from Sutter Peak, who has given us so much guidance and linked us to the resources that are helping to take some of the burden.  Hands down the BEST thing about the program is our teacher, Melissa.  I wouldn't have been able to homeschool my daughter at this point in our lives but Sutter Peak made it possible for us to get the help and support we needed to make it happen!


"I highly recommend Sutter Peak! Providing the work samples ahead of time is very Pro-Parent! We really appreciate it! I have had the best experience at Sutter Peak for my first official year of homeschooling! I love getting to customize lessons for both of my children (who have very different needs). I love that my children get more one on one time in a single day than they would get in an entire week in a school classroom!"

Stephany M. // PARENT

 Sutter Peak has also provided me with amazing teachers and a wonderful counselor who cared not only about my academic achievement, but also my personal well-being, all throughout my high school journey.


During my four years with Sutter Peak, I have been blessed to have a phenomenal teacher to guide me through my high school journey.  She's been incredibly helpful and supportive towards all my goals.  Anytime I was struggling, she devoted time to find me help, whether it be tutoring, online videos, or a curriculum supplement.


Sutter Peak provided me with a significantly different high school experience than many of my friends, however if I could go back, I would not even consider choosing a different route.  Sutter Peak provided me with the opportunity to take numerous college courses that have further prepared me for college.  I had so much support from my counselor and teachers that has beautifully equipped me to move on from high school and on to higher education.


Honestly, the opportunities I have seen and partook in are some I'd never have if I were in a traditional high school.  I have learned new skills I thought I'd never learn.  Because I had the freedom to take college courses, I found out what I want to do with my life.  Being apart of Sutter Peak has increased my desire to do more with my life.  It has put the fun back into high school.


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