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Sutter Peak offers a customized program where parents are encouraged and supported in choosing a flexible, personalized learning plan that matches their student’s needs and expectations and prepares them for college and beyond. All high school students receive Instructional Funds to use throughout the school year. With guidance and support from the teacher, the school counselor, as well as content area specialists, parents will be sure to meet California State Standards and provide their students with a relevant course of study for their grade level.  Students and Teachers will work together to choose the best partners and curriculum materials that fit the student’s learning style and best prepare them for their post-high school plans. Instructional Funds may be used for over 3,000 approved partners, materials, and courses. 

For any questions regarding high school please contact our school counselor

Christine Ziccardi,

Class of 2024 we are so proud of you! As you look ahead, we have several scholarship opportunities for you.  Be sure to contact Ms. Ziccardi ( for more information or questions! All applicants must be students graduating from a PCI school in the current school year. All applications are due to Ms. Ziccardi by April 19, 2024!

Graduation Requirements:

  • English - 40 Credits 

  • Mathematics - 30 Credits  

  • Life Science - 10 Credits 

  • Physical Science - 10 Credits 

  • World Geography - 5 Credits 

  • World History - 10 Credits 

  • US History - 10 Credits 

  • Government - 5 Credits 

  • Economics - 5 Credits 

  • Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language or CTE - 10 Credits 

  • Physical Education - 20 Credits 

  • Health - 5 Credits 

  • Electives - 60 Credits 

TOTAL: 220 Credits (1 Semester = 5 Credits) 

College/Career Readiness:

Our goal as a school is to help prepare our students to be ready for college and/or career when they graduate high school.  In addition to the requirements listed above, students must meet either College Readiness OR Career Readiness indicators.  Although only one is required, many of our students meet both College and Career Readiness indicators.​

  • College Readiness = 2 Community College Classes


  • Career Readiness = 1 Certificate Career Technical Education Certificate Course

A-G Courses:

Sutter Peak offers several curriculum options from which students can choose a-g approved courses.  A-G simply means that the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) have approved 15 courses that high school students must complete, with a grade C or better, to be eligible for admissions to a UC/CSU institutions. The intent of the “a-g” subject requirements is to ensure that students have attained a body of general knowledge that will provide breadth and perspective to new, more advanced study. Please visit the University of California website for more information regarding

a-g subject requirements and Sutter Peak’s approved a-g course list by clicking the link below. 

Career Technical Education:

To Achieve Career Readiness, students take one certificated CTE course .  This platform (iCEV) features comprehensive Career & Technical Education curriculum that spans seven major career clusters.​​

The Industry certification courses are developed and issued by industry leaders. They truly reflect the needs of real world career expectations and distinguishes students from their peers when applying for jobs.  When students complete their course and pass their final, they earn a certificate and a letter detailing the body of knowledge the student has learned.  Students can add this to their resume and job applications which makes them a more employable individual.

To view available certificate courses, click below.

Concurrent Enrollment:

Many of our Sutter Peak students take classes at their local Community College while in High School.  There are many advantages to this: 

  • Opportunity to take challenging classes 

  • Explore potential career fields

  • Earn college credit AND High School credit simultaneously (1 semester (3 unit) College class equates to 1 year of High School credit) 

  • Tuition is FREE while you are in High School (Use your Instructional Budget to pay for textbooks) 

  • Shorten time in College (save time and money) 

Click below to learn more about concurrent enrollment at your local college. Students are not limited to the colleges listed below.

Woodland/Yuba Community Colleges

Sierra Community College

Los Rios Community Colleges

For any questions regarding high school please contact our school counselor

Christine Ziccardi,

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