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Field Excursions are group activities that are organized and overseen by Sutter Peak. Field Excursions are a great, fun way for students and parents to join other families while pursuing their individual learning plans. Parents or other pre-arranged adult must accompany students on Field Excursions. Check out the exciting list below of the 2019-2020 Field Excursions. Dates and times are subject to change. Your teacher will keep you apprised of field excursion opportunities and registration information as it becomes available,

AUGUST 23 - Roller King  (STEM)  1-4 pm, $10 per student,  $5 for adults and siblings at the door


SEPTEMBER 26 & 27-  Bishops Pumpkin Farm  (Health/Science) 10:00am-12:10pm, $8.50 per person, Under 2 free (sign up window September 2-6)


OCTOBER 18-  California State Railroad Museum Homeschool Day (History) (parents will be sent a link to sign up directly with the Museum and can submit a receipt for reimbursement)


OCTOBER 29-  Historic Sacramento Train ride along the Sacramento River  $5 per person (sign up window October 7-11)


DECEMBER 12 & 19 – Nutcracker, 10am  (VAPA) $21 per student/sibling, $26 per adult (sign-up window August 19-30)


JANUARY 15-17- Alliance Redwoods Science Camp  (Science)  $360 per student (half took out of first semester budgets, the other half taken out 2nd semester).  $100 per adult.  Under 5 free, but if they want to participate in activities, they must pay $180 

(sign-up window September 9-20)


FEBRUARY 27 & 28 -  IFly   (STEM)  9:30am approx.. $50 per student (sign-up window January 27-31)


MARCH 26 -  Monterey Bay Aquarium (Science) Students are free, parents are $10 each (sign-up window 2/24 - 2/28)

MARCH 30 -  Sutter's Fort (Please talk to your teacher for details.  Parent MUST attend training for this excursion)

APRIL 30 - Exploratorium  (Science)  Ferry ride from Vallejo and Exploratorium Students/Siblings are $17.50 each and adults are $20 each

(sign-up window  March 2-6)

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